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Copyright 1998-2002 Jay French & Golden Eagle Comics - Austin, Texas

"Steel Rain" was an original comic series by me, Austin artist/writer Jay French. Sometimes I've defined it as "halfway between the X-Men and the X-Files," it was a science fiction (superhero) storyline told with a sharply realistic edge. The story dealt with a group of "Super-Physicals" who had been approached by the F.B.I. with a proposal for a special "S.P." crime task force. An adult-level comic, Steel Rain combined the action and style of the mainstream superhero stories with the controversy and believability of the underground books.

The first issue was published in March of 1998 & released in the Austin area at most major comic book outlets & Encore Video. The second issue... is no longer coming. Please forgive me readers! The best explanation is that I missed my window. As comic book characters were being made into movies more and more, it became obvious that this translated-into-real-life approach was almost a replica of the world I had created. I decided that as much as I loved this story and these characters, that it was time to separate my art and my writing.

You never know what may come to pass, but odds are this is the only glimpse others will have into the world of Golden Eagle Comics.


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"About Issue #1" includes the synopsis of "The Myriad", some choice panels and the Austin Chronicle review!

"The Series" is the best place to get info on the characters and the plots that were planned for following issues!

"Behind The Scenes" is where I talk about the origins of the characters and the story and show the embarassing first sketches!

"About the Author"... is self-explanatory.


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